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Erika Linder stands out as one of the most famous androgynous models in the world of fashion Born in Sweden on May 11, 1990 and raised in a small village 10 minutes outside of Stockholm , where she had played soccer. She was discovered by an agent when she was 14 years old at an outside concert. However, it was not until six years later that she decided to accept the proposal. Before making the decision, she was studying law. Her name appeared in all media in 2012 when she posed with her partner at that time, the well-known androgynous model, Andrej Pejic. She's known for working hard as a male model and her versatility. Thanks to that, she has become one of the most famous 'tomboy' girls in the current world of fashion. In addition, her resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Stewart[6] has not gone unnoticed. In 2011, she starred in a photo shoot for the magazine Candy, characterized as the actor in his youth. That was the first time that Erika Linder left his native Stockholm in the name of fashion to pose in the heart of Paris. The report was a success and her name began to haunt the editors of some of the most avant-garde magazines. Since then, she has been portrayed to the Italian edition of Vogue, V, Hair, Cover, Forward, Oyster or Muse . She has also been in several gateways of Los Angeles, New York or Australia. Nevertheless, she describes this activity as one more thing of what she does and not as her main dedication.