Nikita - S4 E1 - Wanted

Nikita - S4 E1 - Wanted Nude Scenes - Does It Contain Nudity?

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No, we have no record of Nikita - S4 E1 - Wanted containing any nudity. If you think we are missing something, please add it using the 'Add Scene' button below.


Nikita is still on the run after she was framed for the assassination of the President of the United States. Dale, a reporter from the news channel ENN, starts questioning what really happened that night. Nikita sees this as an opportunity to clear her name so she re-enters the country to talk to Dale but walks right into a trap set by Amanda. The team is alerted and Michael sets out to find Nikita before Amanda does. While Birkoff and Ryan help Michael from their new mobile office, a high-tech aircraft, Alex stakes out a human-trafficking ring and learns The Shop is involved. Things go south and Alex is surprised when Owen/Sam shows up at the scene.


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